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Create blogs and post articles on the site, follow another user’s blog and post comments. Also includes user profiles and article archiving. A blog is a website that serves as a collaborative platform for people to post their thoughts and opinions on various topics. You can use it to publish articles either as a single author or as a group of authors. The collaborative approach to publishing these articles improves interrelationship and communication between employees while strengthening the creative bond of each individual. Moderation of articles provides a secured environment for publishing critical and sensitive information and thereby enforces quality control of all published content. Blogging offers many benefits to the writers as well as the readers. It provides a platform where writers can share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge. They can also be used as a research tool where you can post information collected through various sites. Apart from chatting, it provides a direct link between the writer and the audience, and improves communication between them. Replies can be posted in the form of comments that will indicate your views and opinions on the subject.

Managing change is one of the most crucial aspect of any service engagement leading to scope creep, cost overrun, stakeholder  dissatisfaction, etc… BARTSuite change management offers customizable review/approval workflow to ensure control over all changes, Supports customized ‘Q’s to manage various tasks/activities/CRs Integration with time management to track , monitor and control planned and actual effort

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