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Knowledge Management

By : BARTSuite

Managing information in any field is significant and requires massive amount of information to be stored and maintained. Knowledge management involves the analysis of existing and required knowledge to fulfill the organizational objectives. BARTSuite Knowledge management is one such application that enables the sharing of general information by giving access on it to each and every employee of the organization. One of the major advantages of knowledge management system is reusability of information. Product maintenance issues, product bugs, defects and several other service issues once solved, prepares a solution for them. These solutions can be stored as critical information and can be used at a later point of time when required. This methodology helps during the future analysis of a technical issue thus saving time and effort of the employee in rectifying the problem. The system is designed in a way that allows all the employees and customers to have a quick and ready access to all the solutions.

Managing change is one of the most crucial aspect of any service engagement leading to scope creep, cost overrun, stakeholder  dissatisfaction, etc… BARTSuite change management offers customizable review/approval workflow to ensure control over all changes, Supports customized ‘Q’s to manage various tasks/activities/CRs Integration with time management to track , monitor and control planned and actual effort

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