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January 5, 2016
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Appraisal Management

Appraisals form an integral part of an employee’s professional accomplishments. It streamlines the process of performance evaluation and enables the manager to easily rate a goal achievement. The right appraisal management software forms the key to effective management of appraisals in order to yield consistent and reliable results. Managing information about every single employee of an organization is indeed a cumbersome task. With information spread across multiple systems and managers, it’s not always an easy job to get a single, broad view.BARTSuite Appraisal Management offers an end to end solution by delivering secured and authorized access to the employee details.



  • Rate Individual and Team Performance
  • Uniquely identifiedoperational Categories
  • Precise Classification of Appraisal Details
  • Timely Notifications and automatic email alerts
  • Clear depiction of organizational hierarchy

Fast. Easy. Efficient

BARTSuite Appraisal management offers the most convenient and suitable technique for managers to conduct effective appraisals. The integrated features of the application allow the manager to quickly enter accurate ratings for an employee and also assess the team on a whole. The quick and automated e-mail alerts and notifications help in distributing information without manual intervention


Evaluating Employee Performance

The appraisal cycles highlight the major part of the information that enables a successful evaluation of employee’s excellence. Appraisal Management enables managers to assess employees’ performance by building detailed employee profiles that assist them in appropriately identifying employees in terms of who needs to be rewarded, developed and retained.


Appraisal Based on Categories

The application includes catogories to ensure a precise arrangement of all the appraisal details of the employee. These details indicate the employee’s performance with respect to excellence in delivering the project, client advocacy and team building.Categories provide an easy way for managers and their subordinates to maintain and track details of the appraisal form.


Organized Hierarchy

The organizational hierarchy delineates the reporting structure of the employees to connect with their concerned appraiser.The manager’s comments can be viewed by the employee and vice versa.This linear structure allows managers to monitor and keep track of employee’s work thus contributing to a higher and greater work efficiency.


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