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January 5, 2016
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January 5, 2016
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Asset Management

Management of assets either movable or non-movable, their controlled assignment to specific users with built-in role based approval process. Every organization strives hard to conserveits valuable and financial resources and investments. The monitoring and maintenance of these resources is specifically assignedto the asset management segment of the enterprise. Asset management pertains to the observation and up gradation of the assets in a cost effective manner. BARTSuite asset management system offers a diverse platform for understanding and capturing the inventory and financial details of the company.



  • Maintain Precise Records of Inventory
  • Review History of Transactions and Procedures
  • Track Ownership of Assets
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Reduced Risk and Errors

Track Your Business Assets

This module enables the tracking of all your business related elements .You can record the information about the newly acquired assets, their usages and upgrades. This application also segregates your business assets based on the asset types or their licensing.


Manage Asset Requests

An imperative module that enables the user to request for access to an asset and helps administrators to review and grant authorization for these requests. The processing of the request can then be further proceeded.


Asset Access Requests

This module of the application allows an easy access to the already existing assets in the application. You can create a new access request for the required asset and even enter the time period by when you need it.


Create and Record New Assets Types

Asset types are mainly useful during the categorization of assets and this module allows an easy access to all the assets through their recording based on the different asset types.


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