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January 5, 2016
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January 5, 2016
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Case Management System

BARTSuite Case Management System is a collaboration platform for customers and support staff to manage tickets. Ticketing system helps you to create, update, resolve, and manage tickets raised by customers. It also provides powerful analytics to understand ticket resolution efficiency of the team. Ticketing management tools enables you to log problems, allocate them to engineers, and track its progress. Ticketing management tools enables you to log problems, allocate them to engineers, and track its progress. A ticket is an element which contains information about support interventions made by technical support staff or third parties on behalf of the customers who have reported an incident that is preventing them from working with the application as they should have been able to. Tickets are created in a help desk or call center environment.


Integrated Modules

  • Customer Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Integrated Timesheet
  • Employee Dossier
  • Knowledge Management
  • Task Management

Create. Allocate. Resolve

Any time a customer calls up with a complaint or problem, you can log it in as a case or ticket, assign it to the appropriate engineers, and quickly resolve the issues. This results in a reduced response time and hence increases customer satisfaction.


Global Service and Support

Identify defects and resolve issues with help desk facility, online support and maintenance.

Online Progress Tracking

Log problems, allocate them to engineers, and track its progress from anywhere at any time.

Auto-Escalation and Notifications

Rules based escalations and immediate notifications for faster resolutions.

Secured Access

Restrict usage and access of in-house data to customers.

Record case activities

Case resolution details include a list of activities in the form of tasks. Work done on each task is automatically recorded in the timesheets.

Case Escalation

Cases that need to be reviewed and resolved by higher authorities can be escalated to the next level.

Complete Knowledge Base

Effective resolutions can be stored in a knowledge base that can be accessed across the organization.

Follow up on cases

You can mark cases that are important as ones that require follow up. Notifications are sent

Reporting and Analytics

BARTSuite’s Case Management system provides advanced analytical tools and professional reports to help you customer cases and ticket status in order to accelerate the resolution of the requests.


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