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Content Management

Organize and collaborate creation of documents and other content for loading to the micro site. Create and maintain sections and contents. Also includes version control, archiving and approval flow. Content Management is a clear delineation of the technology behind gathering information, organizing and publishing it. It allows the Information to be managed in any form or medium. The latest terminology denotes this information as content. BARTSuite content management system offers a radical way of dealing with information in an organization. The application takes you through the various phases of content creation and management. You can create new root contents, edit them, moderate them, approve or publish them. Content management system is designed to assist the organizations in attaining successful culminating points with the perspective of dealing with information.



  • Enables contribution and sharing to the stored data
  • Improves user communication
  • Organized folder structure to store the documents
  • Displays detailed document hierarchy

Create and Manage Root Contents

Content Management enables creation of root contents that can be utilized for storing the documents. Once the contents are created they can be modified, approved or published.


Structured Document Hierarchy

The application representsa well-defined and controlled structural hierarchy of the created documents thus enhancing the usability and easy tracking of the documents. You can create multiple folders and sub folders pertaining to the different levels in the organization.


Clear Demarcation of Documents

Content management clearly separates the unstructured information and extracts out the essential information. The published, unpublished, drafted documents or the ones that require approval are evidently laid out.


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