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January 5, 2016
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Customer Service Portal

Self-servicing portals have become a key source of attraction for today’s customers. These portals help the customer to deal with the service issues, place new orders and get status updates round the clock . With reduced customer care expenses, BARTSuite brings to you one of the finest customer service portals that offers a highly personalized, interactive service for its customers. The customer service portal is an exceptional application that allows the user to register a service request, submit any requirement or defect or to get clarifications regarding the request made.



  • Sales / Engineering Service Request
  • Technical issue and defects registration
  • Quote Requests
  • Upcoming Deliverable Updates.

Access Made Easier

Customers can now easily login to this application and take advantage of self-servicing without the assistance of customer care services. The requests and complaints registered by them are taken care of by the service engineers and technical staffs who update the status of these requests frequently.

Customer Centric Service

BARTSuite Customer Service Portal dedicates itself towards providing high quality service excellence and propels deep into the aspects of customer insights. It also plays a crucial role in boosting up the portal awareness to the customer.

Easy Requirements Registration and Submission

The registration of an RMA request, sales or engineering service request can be made through the support requests module. Once the request details are updated, it is forwarded to the concerned personnel for its resolution.


Defect Management

The application provides an easy means for the customers to submit defects. Once registered, these defects can be tracked for their status frequently till they get resolved. The project management module enables this task. Technical staffs can now login and analyze the defects submitted by the customer.


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