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November 27, 2015
November 27, 2015
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Discussion Groups

Hold online discussions, interactions with other members of the group. Share comments, views, opinions, and questions. A discussion center highlights the importance of an online conversation setting that enables the users to post their views, put in ideas, receive feedback’s and indulge in discussing about topics of interests in the form of electronic messages. This application ensures a secure conversation ambiance among the communicators in an organization including the high level managers and other business administrators. The major advantage of this forum is to keep the employee updated regarding the pioneering and innovative developments happening in the organization and it also acts as a time and cost eliminator for frequent meetings.



  • Category wise initiation of discussion topics
  • Information Sharing and Knowledge Distribution
  • Controlled Environment for its Participants
  • Easy Access to Popular Threads

Create. Initiate. Contribute

This module enables the user to create and maintain discussion groups that let them initiate discussions on a particular topic of interest. After the creation of a discussion group, conversations can be initiated within that group. Contribution to a discussion group can be made either through selected users or all the users.


View the Latest and Most Viewed Discussions

BARTSuite Discussion Center also exhibits the options to view the latest and the most popular threads of discussion. The Discussion Centre is the module that takes you through the latest threads posted in the forum.

The listing of discussion topics in this manner contributes to the presenting of the most sought after discussion topics.


Quick Search Using Cloud Tags

Cloud tags convey the mechanism of identifying the most popular and sought after discussions topics. Each topic is associated with tags and their analysis is based on the total number of hits for each tag. This application provides a unique strategy to view the tags and the corresponding hits received for each of them thus highlighting the major topics of interest.

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