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Document Management

Having a lot of knowledge and content to be shared in the form of documents, and making it available for the rest of the organization involves security and access issues. However, sharing of these available resources in terms of knowledge and intelligence increases productivity in the organization. Through a common centralized system that manages documents and content, the knowledge generated within the organization can be accessed by all users from any place and at any time. BARTSuite Document Management includes a centralized repository, and is customized to suit your organizational needs. You can create and store document templates, collateral documents, and much more. An inbuilt version control system ensures the consistency of all documents and you can easily retrieve and share documents across the organization. The solution includes visibility properties that control the access of documents, and a rule based configurable review/approval workflow on all documents to ensure security of sensitive content. An added value to the application is that you can attach your documents with any process or module of your projects. Its content search and retrieval capability makes it a powerful tool for accessing documents.



  • Version Control
  • Central Repository
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Secured Access
  • Content Search and Retrieval
  • Archiving

Benefits of using Document Management

  • Reduces risk of misplacing crucial and critical documents
  • Saves time in locating and retrieving content-specific documents
  • Easy distribution of documents across the organization
  • Reduces the complexity of search
  • Saves costs and reduces storage due to reduced office space requirements
  • Eliminates problems associated with manual filing of documents

Create Folders and Sub Folders

Documents can either be stored as a stand-alone, or can be stored within folders. You can create folders and sub-folders to better manage your documents. Access rights can be assigned to individual folders to keep them secure.


Upload and Download Documents

Documents are uploaded as attachments to templates. Templates make it easier to manage documents by standardizing them, and are hence more reliable and effective. The application contains predefined templates, and also has features to create your own template.


Document Search

Inbuilt search engine enables you to search for a document based on its name or its content. Keywords and tags are used to identify the documents and aids in its retrieval from the pool of documents.


Archive Documents

Documents that are no longer in use or outdated, can be stored in the systems archives. While these are not visible to the public, you can retrieve and republish them if required at a later date.

Revision and Version Control

Inbuilt revision system helps you keep track of all changes made to the document, and thus manage document releases. Revision system is used to manage document releases.


All files are stored in a shared but secure location that requires a one-time configuration. Once the site is set up, you can begin to efficiently use the application.

Control Access to Folders and Documents

Roles and responsibilities based access to folders and documents protects and secures them from misuse.

Tag Your Documents

Tags are general terms that help describe your document. When you want to search for a document, just type in a few keywords. If they match any of the tags given to your document, it will show up in the search result.

Multiple Authoring

You can configure documents to have more than one author. This feature enables multiple authors to be able to retrieve and modify the contents of the uploaded document.

Instant Alerts

Every action performed in the application sends an immediate notification to the appropriate peoplein the form of online alerts or emails. That way, you can know instantly when your document has been approved for publishing, or if there have been requests to your document for download.

Copy to Clipboard

If you want an external contact to download a document, you can copy the location to your clipboard, and send it as a link to your contact via email. This link has a secured one-time access to the files for download of the appropriate document.

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