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January 5, 2016
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An intranet module enabling users to stay in touch with others in the community by sending appreciation messages and greetings. Built-in automated distribution of greetings to select users based on pre-defined rules. Enhance your relationship with the customer by sending them greetings for all occasions. It will give them a special feeling for being remembered. Showing your appreciation to the customer will ensure that they come to you for business again and again. EGreetings gives you an opportunity to please your customers and thereby increasing your business. You can select from a range of available cards, or create your own card for an occasion. Either way, you can have fun while ensuring customer satisfaction.


Benefits :

  • Strengthens the bond between you and the customer
  • Ensures continued loyalty from the customers
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty results in bigger business
  • Integrated contact list to eliminate the need to import addresses form external source.
  • Customize the card with your own personal touch

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Email: info@apppoint.com
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