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January 5, 2016
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January 5, 2016
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Employee Dossier

Managing information about every single employee of an organization is indeed a cumbersome task. With information spread across multiple systems and managers, it’s not always an easy job to get a single, broad view. BARTSuite Employee Dossier allows a quick access towards viewing all the employee details and knowing how they are related to you. An easy to use application that provides a preview of the blog and chat profiles of the employees. The official and personal information about the employee is of utmost significance. Employee Dossier gives you a profound base to ensure that this data is attended appropriately.


Integrated Modules

  • Easy Access to Employee Details
  • Search Made Easier
  • Enables Saving of Conversations
  • Helps to Identify the Various Employee Levels

Tracking Employee Details

This particular module enables the user to get a detailed strategy as to how the employee details can be dealt with. This includes chatting with the employee, searching for an employee or viewing the blog of the employee. Also enables saving of your conversations so that it can be utilized during future course of events.


Comprehensive Employee Information

Highlights a detailed and expanded view of the employee details pertaining to every single entity of the application. This application is a comprehensive solution towards gathering the details of all the employees that includes the current working population of the organization as well as the resigned employees. Apart from this information, it also displays the level of an employee in the organization and the skills exhibited by them.


Information Integration

BARTSuite Employee Dossier as the name conveys, is designed in such a manner, so that the search for the employee details is made much easier. The database configuration ensures that it saves as much as information as possible about each employee. This not only includes the personal details, but also the family details, financial details, leave details, training details and professional details of the employee.

  • Chat with the Employee
  • Save Conversations
  • View Employee Levels
  • View Employee Skills

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