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Employee Rights Management

System to plan, assign, monitor and audit various access rights assigned to employees across numerous decision systems.Employees are often given access to internal network using some external access control mechanisms or through databases. Hacking of these systems renders them ineffective leading to disastrous consequences in terms of sensitive data. This leads to a requirement of an internal system that could provide fool-proof security measures for complete control over network access. BARTSuite Employee Rights Management enables organizations to protect their network, data and applications from unauthorized access by way of roles and responsibilities assigned to employees. These security measures restrict users from gaining access to sensitive and critical data. The unique combination of roles and responsibilities is one of the best practicesin a business process and is proactively ensures a secured network of users. Access is decided based on the rights enabled for the user. Enabling and withdrawing these rights are managed using Employee Rights Management. Requests can be made to grant access, or withdraw access to applications. Manager level audits are conducted periodically to evaluate the different access controls allocated.

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  • Unlimited Access Requests
  • Assign role templates to employees
  • Revoke Requests
  • Application creation
  • Audit Creation
  • Reporting and Analysis

Request Access to Application

Employee Rights Management provides an easy mechanism by which managers can request access to applications for their reportees. These requests are processed through appropriate approval workflows.


Revoke Access to Application

With justifiable reasons, managers can request for access to be revoked for a reportee. These requests are processed through appropriate channels and approval workflows.


Create Audit

Managers can create audits to review access requests for various applications. Integrated rules ensure that audits are performed regularly.


Reporting and Analytics

Reporting feature enables the user to analyze the status of different audits conducted during a selected time period. The dashboard provides a graphical representation of the status of the audits conducted on different access requests.


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