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January 5, 2016
January 5, 2016
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Event Management

A module to manage group activities such as conferences with integrated scheduling & calendaring management, extendable and configurable activity management, invitee & participation management, document management, budgeting and spend management, etc. In the modern corporate era, event management pertains to the organization of business meetings, commercial gatherings and all the social occasions that help in the marketable growth of the business enterprise. BARTSuite event management lays its grounds for the creation of an impressive range of events. Business event management requires an in depth interaction and cooperation among the professionals involved.


Integrated Modules

  • Comprehensive view of events.
  • Automated notifications and alerts.
  • Inbuilt Document Management.
  • Inbuilt calendar for event scheduling.
  • Access to multiple modules like Discussion Centre and blogging.

Managing The Events

Business events range from conferences, meetings to exhibitions, product launches etc. This module enables the event administrators to deal with the entire process of creating an event till its implementation.


Working With Experts

Experts are individuals who exhibit vast knowledge expertise in specific fields. Event management allows inviting these experts to have a more prominent addressing about a particular topic.



Blogging puts forward a strong platform for user interaction by sharing their thoughts, ideas andknowledge.Event management allows blogging to be used as a research tool where you can post information collected through various sites.Blogging through event management provides a successful approach in delivering useful solutions and suggestions on several topics.


Add Your Own Discussion Topics

The discussion center of event management offers a platform for secure communication between employees of the organization including managers and other business partners. Such a forum supports active discussion among the members, initiates discussion topics based on categories and generates reports between the participants.


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