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Expense Management

Enabling finer control over how any expenses are managed with configurable approval flows and escalation ensuring compliancy and quick action to any deviations. When it comes to business travels, expenses need to be recorded every step of the way to ensure that you are properly reimbursed. Proof of purchase such as invoices and receipts are most essential to validate each expense. Paper based processes leading to delayed reimbursements could in turn lead to severe dissatisfaction among employees who frequently travel on business. Organizations incur various kinds of expenses on a day-to-day basis to ensure smooth functioning by its employees. These could vary from traveling expense to purchases, entertainment, etc. Almost all organizations would have policies governing these expenses, but few have good control over them. BARTSuite Expense Management module provides organizations with an end-to-end system to manage expenses in a non-intrusive and automated manner. The system is designed to ensure timely response to employee claims while improving control and tracability of expenses, as well as reducing administrative costs and fraudulent expenses.


Integrated Modules

  • Birds-eye view of all expenses
  • Reduce administrative overheads
  • Automated dispatch of claims and expenses to designated authorities
  • Faster reimbursement of expense claims
  • Control and reduction of organization costs
  • Monitor and organize expense reports
  • Improved and efficient auditing
  • Automated corporate accountability
  • Identification of cost centers

Manage Corporate Credit Cards

It’s much easier to track expenses through credit cards, than cash. With the Credit Card module, you can request for a credit card, get it approved, and start using it on your business trips.


Upload Bank Statements

It’s very easy to process expenses. Just upload the credit card statement provided by the bank in CSV format, verify and validate before submitting them for approval.


Submit Expense Claims

Expenses incurred through cash, can be submitted as claims. After appropriate processing and approvals, you can get reimbursed for the amount spent.


Streamlined Approval Process

Workflow based online approvals ensure that your expenses are processes almost immediately.

Split Expenses

Employees can effortlessly split costs across multiple departments, projects as well as with colleagues. System automatically routes these individual expense statements through appropriate review and approval channels.

Generate Credit Card Statements

Credit card statements provided by the bank are uploaded into the system, verified, and sent across to the employee.


Set up Claim Rules and Reimbursement Policies

Standard enforcement of claim policies cut down on fraudulent and unjustified employee expenses. Bottom line is that the company saves money by paying out reimbursements to qualified expenses.


Multilingual and Multicurrency Support

BARTSuite expense management solution is available in multiple languages and currencies with support to dynamically switch the language and currency to work with.

Attachment of Documents

Proof of purchase such as bills and receipts is critical for processing and verifying expenses. You can attach scanned copies of bills and receipts to your claim request.

Instant Alerts

Every action performed in the application sends an immediate notification to the appropriate peoplein the form of online alerts or emails. That way, you can know instantly if your requests have been approved, or if your statement has been generated.

Reporting and Analytics

BARTSuite Expense Management’s advanced analytical tools includes a comprehensive dashboard with a breakup of expenses, that help you analyze corporate expenses, and accelerates your decision making process.

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