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January 4, 2016
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January 5, 2016
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Knowledge Management

Managing information in any field is significant and requires massive amount of information to be stored and maintained. Knowledge management involves the analysis of existing and required knowledge to fulfill the organizational objectives. BARTSuite Knowledge management is one such application that enables the sharing of general information by giving access on it to each and every employee of the organization. One of the major advantages of knowledge management system is reusability of information. Product maintenance issues, product bugs, defects and several other service issues once solved, prepares a solution for them. These solutions can be stored as critical information and can be used at a later point of time when required. This methodology helps during the future analysis of a technical issue thus saving time and effort of the employee in rectifying the problem. The system is designed in a way that allows all the employees and customers to have a quick and ready access to all the solutions.



  • Easy creation and publishing of a solution.
  • Quick registration mechanism for all the newly adopted solutions.
  • Enables user flexibility to store, share, refine and retain the knowledge.

Business Process Improvement

Ensures improved team communication and reduced problem solving time thus adding to theproductivity of the organization. The innovative informations can be managed and explored whenever required and can help the employeesto update their skills as well

Submit. Approve. Publish

The few and simple steps that enable an employee to create a solution and register it into the system. Once the solution is encountered, it can be approved and published into the knowledge base for its future analysis.


Easy Access to the Knowledge Base

The system provides an easy access to information to both the initiator of the solution and the employee thus ensuring a proper flow of right information to the right person.


Timely Notifications

The alerts and notifications play an important role in identifying the pending solutions and implementing timely actions for them.These notifications trigger the right step at the right time for building up a perfect Knowledge Base.


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