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Loan application processing

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A leading bank adopts AppPoint’s application infrastructure to modernize its legacy loan application processing system improving accessibility, policy enforcement, workflows, and reporting as well as analytical capability.



Some of the challenges addressed were –

  • Availability/Deployment– Decentralized system requiring infrastructure and support in every branch.
  • Data Integrity– Manual synchronization of data between branches and RO is error prone. Further timely & real-time access to information is not possible across branches and RO, compromising on decision making and response time
  • Security model adopted is limiting and not extensible
  • Lack of workflow, reporting, MIS,
  • No integration with other peripheral system
  • Lack of self service capability & hence end-to-end automation
  • Legacy technology requiring extensive skills and understanding of codebase developed over a decade
  • Multiple application software versions in different branches makes it difficult for support
  • Frequent change in rate of interest make it difficult to update the application resulting in wrong calculations and wrong rate of interest used across
  • Adopting new changes is challenging due to enormous amount of legacy code


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