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Polls and Survey

Highly configurable solution to enable inclusive approach to auditing, certification and capturing feedback. Advanced polls and survey management solution to create, manage, customize and publish online polls and surveys. Includes email notifications and multi-page surveys. Can used for various types – in relation to employees, customers, or partners. Many marketing departments make use of polls to gain information on current trends, gauge corporate environment, or obtain public opinion. Schools and other educational organizations use polls as an interactive tool to get students involved in social activities. That is why many organizations look towards having a tool that can provide polling solutions at their fingertips. BARTSuite Polls offer customized and enhanced tools to create and publish high quality, dynamic polls that motivate users to participate. It is an advanced poll management solution that enables you to create sophisticated and appealing polls. You can use these polls to collect opinions from various audience including employees, clients, business associates, and the general public. It is so easy to use  you can build and deploy your poll in no time at all!



  • Unlimited Polls
  • Role templates
  • Online approval process
  • Single choice questions
  • Online poll results with details
  • Records of participation details

Create. Configure. Publish

With very few steps, you can easily create, configure and publish polls onto your site. Appropriate approval levels ensure that your polls is reviewed and approved before it is published.


Invite Participants

You can send invitations to your contacts and invite them to participate in your poll. You can also make sure that only your invitees can take part in your poll.


Controlled Visibility and Participation

You can control participation and prevent users from taking up the poll more than once. If you don’t want all users with access to the system to be able to view the poll, then you can control its visibility by selecting the users to whom you want the poll to be visible.


Instant Alerts

Every action performed on polls triggers an automated notification in the form of online alertsfor the owners and participants. That way, everyone involved will know immediately when a poll has been approved, published or closed.


Reports and Analytics

BARTSuite Poll’s advanced analytical tools and professional reports help you analyze the results of your poll in order to accelerate your decision making process.



Surveys are used to simplify research by automating the information collection and result analysis process. It is also an inexpensive way to gather feedback from customers and business associates. Event Planning, Product Planning, Education and Training, and Market Research are some of the fields that benefit from surveys.

PQube Surveys offer a wide range of features that assist you in successfully collecting information and obtaining feedback from your target audience. It is a comprehensive survey system that enables you to create, customize, and publish online. With our easy-to-use features, you can create high quality sophisticated questionnaires. Immediate replies accelerate the process and help you gain more insight in a short period of time.


  • Multiple page surveys
  • Online approval process
  • Complete survey overview
  • Visibility condition configurations for dynamic flow
  • Answer records
  • Multiple Question Types

Create. Configure. Publish

With very few steps, you can easily create, configure and publish surveys onto your site. Appropriate approval levels ensure that your surveys are reviewed and approved before it is published.


Survey Templates

You can create surveys from pre-defined sets of templates and speed up the publishing process. The templates are categorized for easier selection.


Customized Layout

Customize the way your questionnaire looks, from headers and footers to the email content that is sent in the invitations to your contacts.



Find out how your questionnaire looks with immediate previews.


Weighted scores and Score Capture

You can set minimum and maximum scores for questionnaires and for each question separately. This enables you to calculate the total score at the end of the survey / test. Result analysis becomes much easier when you have the final score of participants.

Controlled Visibility and Participation

You can control the visibility of the survey by ensuring that only invitees can view and participate in it. Also, you can put a limit to the number of times a user can participate in the survey.

Dynamic Question Selection

Dynamic questions enable you to configure the order or visibility of the pages based on the responses made to specific questions on the same page.

Question Randomization

Select questions randomly from a range of questions in the question bank. This ensures you have a different set of questions each time.

Ordering of Questions

Order your questions that way you want them to appear in the survey.

Reporting and Analytics

PQube Survey’s advanced analytical tools and professional reports help you analyze the results of your survey in order to accelerate your decision making process.


Automated Reminders

Configure your questionnaire to include automated email reminders for your invitees, reminding them to take up the survey.

Automated Notifications

Invitees, owners, approvers, and other users involved in the survey get automated notifications via email. This ensures a faster response by participants and others alike.

Importing Questions

Import questions from external sources to save time in creating your questionnaires.

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