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Purchase Request System

Module to manage purchase request to order process, with built-in vendor to ensure optimal cost comparison, as well as integrated inventory management. Purchase Requisition is an internally authorized document that deals with the procurement of goods and items by a company. It comprises of information on the acquisition of essential resources, their quantity, the order in which they need to be obtained and also the authorization to implement the purchase request. BARTSuite Purchase Requisition is an integrated system that includes Vender management, Inventory management and purchase requisition. The document is usually sent from an originating department to the purchase department, which doesn’t have the authority to change the requirements without the consent of the original department.Purchase requisition is the internal driving force that ensures an even supply of the goods and services.



  • Allows authorized users to create and approve the requisitions.
  • Controlled approvals from the departments.
  • Stores vendor information and allows the creation of vendor records.
  • Efficient management of inventory details.
  • Appropriate cost center management.

Create and Place Requisitions

Placing the purchase request order is the core part of the Purchase Requisition process. This module enables the creation of details of the inventory items to be purchased, the applicable mode of purchase and the cost factors related to the same. It leaves an audit trail and ensures that only necessary items are ordered thus creating a stabilized procurement of inventory items.


Tracking the Vendor Portfolios

For most of the companies, managing the travelling activities proves to be a tiresome job. With these innovative applications, online travel request forms and electronic approvals can be reduced and also the paper based processes can be replaced. You can always keep track of approval status and details of your business trips.

Controlled Approval System

The approval system of this application maintains the safety and accuracy of the data between the individual entities. Such a controlled authority ensures and protects the data from unauthorized access.

Cost Center Management

Purchase Requisition also provides separate cost management module that ensures identification of responsibilities and controls the cost.

Inventory Management

Allows a clear demarcation of the resources being utilized. This module helps in understanding the ordering, storage and use of the different inventory items.

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