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January 5, 2016
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Quality Management System

Every organization must have an effective quality management system with activities to control business processes thereby improving performance and efficiency. Productivity and outcome need to be monitored in close proximity to avoid undesired results. BARTSuite Quality Management System (QMS) provides an easy and instant access to all processes that control and improve productivity, increase quality, and reduce costs in the organization. It provides a framework to create processes, and templates. QMS enables your organization to achieve its goals and objectives through a simple and easy-to-use interface. Quality Management System helps you analyze how well you deliver your services and how to improve on it. Itsupportsmodeling of business processes with document templates and artifacts to meet the demands of the expanding global requirements. Having an efficient quality management system in place, you can ensure that all your business goals are met with minimum effort and cost.


Capture Processes

You can capture your business processes with template attachments of documents and artifacts. These processes may include workflows and processes involved in the functioning of the organization.


Document Management

The in-built document management tool enables you to upload and manage all documents and artifacts. Security and access rights are also implemented into the system.

Create Document Templates

Templates make it easier to manage documents by standardizing them, and are hence more reliable and effective.

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