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Recruit Management

Solution to manage end-to-end process of staffing from resource requirement management to candidate onboarding. Solution includes integrated capabilities like candidate self service portal, qualification test and screening, online virtual interview rooms with web and audio conferencing, interview scheduling and management, assessment management, reference check management, background verification process, extendable integration, SLA management, Reporting/Dashboard, etc. Recruitment  doesn’t just involve hiring the most suitable candidate. In today’s competitive world, you need to hire the best. And that includes a lot of screening tests, interviews, negotiations, and a whole lot of processing that needs to be done to make sure you’ve got the right person for the job. Following the wrong protocol, or spending too much time on paperwork involves a lot of time and effort, only to end up hiring the wrong candidate.


A recruitment manager has the task of seeing through the entire process of recruitment. It begins with a requirement for a position, and ends with a candidate being selected. Out of the many applications sent to the department, the best has to be screened out. An automated system ensures that manual labor stays focused on the screening process, and not on paperwork.With an online interface between the application, the recruitment personnel and the candidates, communication becomes much easier and faster.

BARTSuite Recruit Management is a comprehensive tool used to manage the recruitment process, from requirement to hire. It helps obtain higher ROI from the new recruits. The automated system effectively reduces the time to hire, with more accurate results.


Integrated Modules

  • Position Management
  • Resource Request Management
  • Resume Management
  • Interview Management
  • Candidate Management


  • Organizes the recruitment process
  • Faster and reliable processing of applications
  • Reduces time and increases efficiency of the process
  • Provides an online interactive interface between the HR department, the application, and the candidate
  • The processes are automated to ensure appropriate hires.

Request for a resource

Do you require someone to replace the guy who just left? Or want an extra hand? Then simply place a request for a resource, specifying the skills and qualifications that you are looking for.


Schedule and conduct interviews

Need to schedule an interview? You don’t need to worry about clashing in with someone else’s schedule. Integrated with Facility Management, you can now schedule your interviews, select and invite panel members, and book facilities required for it.


Feedback questionnaires for interviews

In an age where everything is done online, interview tests done online is nothing new and quite the trend. Recruit Management is integrated with Survey Management to help you set up question banks and create online test forms or feedback questionnaires.


Manage resumes

HR personnel get loads and loads of applications from prospective candidates, and it is hard to maintain and pick from the lost. The Resume module available in the application enables you to upload resumes, so that your search for the right candidate is faster and easier.

Send out offer letters and confirmation letters

You can ensure that the candidate is with you every step of the way by communicating the status of their acceptance before and after the selection process.Pre-approval and post-approval processes are put in place to help you in your tasks.

Align with recruitment agencies

You can outsource your recruitment process and hire the services of recruitment agencies. You can use the Sourcing Agents module to manage their details, keep track of their agents and progress.

Instant Alerts

Every action performed in the application sends an immediate notification to the appropriate peoplein the form of online alerts or emails. That way, you can be constantly apprised of the recruitment status.

Reporting and Analytics

BARTSuite Recruit Management provides a wide range of metrics and analytical tools that empower the application and accelerate the decision making process.

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