November 27, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA)

The solution automates the Return Material Authorization process enhancing responsiveness, enforcing policies and improving customer satisfaction. In today’s competitive world, customers expect and demand more specialized service.Organizations that deliver products/services to its customers have processes in place to handle product recalls due to defects or damage. An extended connectivity through customer portals improves response time and increases customer satisfaction; and as a result improves business outcome. Having a secured and controlled environment to establish tickets promotes a growth in customer service and overall operational efficiency. BARTSuite Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)is an extensive customer service portal that enables the return of defective merchandise, repair and replacement of damaged products. The solution automates the Return Material Authorization process and is used by globally distributed user community comprising of employees, partners, and customers.Delivered on a SaaS model, RMA solution integrates multiple processes, managed using disconnected enterprise solutions some of which were deployed OnPremise while others were offered as a SaaS based solutions.


RMA automates the process of generating requests, maintaining warranty profiles, portfolios, and aids in a quick and efficient repair and replacement of defective products. It includes a customizable RMA process and an automatic replacement request generation process associated with warranties. It also includes the capability to give refunds and credits for other merchandise. Appraisals form an integral part of an employee’s professional accomplishments.It streamlines the process of performance evaluation and enables the manager to easily rate a goal achievement.

The right appraisal management software forms the key to effective management of appraisals in order to yield consistent and reliable results. BARTSuite Appraisal Management offers an end to end solution by delivering secured and authorized access to the employee details.

Extensive Features

  • Roles and responsibility based collaborative portal for employees, partners, and customers
  • Custom module to manage warranty contracts and portfolio developed using BizAPP
  • Reporting and analytics to analyze claim requests spanning solutions boundaries
  • Customizable rules to manage escalation / SLAs
  • Self-service RMA portal
  • Proactive notification of key events to all customers, and associated staff members.
  • Automated monitoring system ensuring prompt action
  • Visibility to real-time status of processes
  • Versioning and configurable auditing capability
  • Regulatory and Statutory compliance
  • Activity based integration and change management infrastructure

Online RMA Submission

Customers can login at any time, from anywhere and submit an RMA request online. Immediate notifications to the appropriate personnel ensure a faster response to requests.


Product Catalog

The product catalog enables you to store details of all products available with your organization. It’s much easier to trace products when you process the RMA requests.


Automated Service Requests

Based on the type of warranty associated with the product, service requests for repair, replacements, or both, are automatically created by the system.


Metrics and Reports

RMA provides extensive analytical reports and metrics that empower the application and help you process requests quicker and more efficiently.


Integration with Case Management System

You can only create an RMA request when you have registered a case or raised a ticket with the customer service agent on the faulty product. It is easy to create the request against the raised ticket.

Warranty Management

RMA enables you to create warranty contracts with repair and replacement coverage for products. The system automatically notifies the user when the warranty is due to expire and has an option to extend the warranty to the next period.

Support Across Multiple Regions

You can have support across multiple regions and ensure global support for your customers by associating all requests with the corresponding regions.

Vendor Management

You can keep track of an inventory of items and the vendors corresponding to them. You can also mark your preference of vendors for selected products.

Watch – Composite Application To Manage Process


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