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Timesheet Management

An online easy to use time recording system that enables users to enter and track hours worked on projects. The system delineates a very unique approach towards tracking project duration’s and related tasks along with the employee’s timings. It also highlights the significance of increased employee efficiency through timely assignation of tasks. Time rules the modern corporate business world. Managing time proves to be a remarkably challenging, and complex task. BARTSuite Time sheet Management establishes itself as the most convincing solution that straightens out the hurdles of organizing your work and recording daily activities. Reporting and Analytics also form an integral part of BARTSuite Time sheet Management. These reports are extremely important in identifying actual progress of the employee in terms of tasks accomplished. Now set yourself free from the ambiguities of time management with the unique features of BARTSuite time sheet management.



  • Project time and cost tracking
  • Recording of task details
  • Automated report generation for the purpose of reviews and appraisals
  • Automated approval process

Create. Enter. Approve

Be swift in creating a timesheet, entering the appropriate details and approving it.Create a new timesheet every week and enter the details through the associated modules. Also allows timely approvals of the timesheets through quick notifications.


Analyze Effort Calculation

Capture the details of billable and non-billable effort applied in project tasks. Also includes details of effort applied on planned, unplanned tasks and leaves. A clear cut, comprehensive result ensures proper progress of the project tasks.


Quick Approvals

Pending approvals section lets you monitor and attend approvals based on priorities. Quick approvals can be done on single or multiple timesheets.Notifications are sent to concerned employees on approvals.


Information Metrics

Reports and analytics form the basic supporting factor of the application. Timesheet management comes with a wide range of reports that convey the progress of the tasks as well as the employees. The presence of additional metrics and customizable charts empower the application.


Employee Performance Analysis

Timesheet entries accomplish the task of tracking employee’s records. An accurate time entry eases out the process of measuring the employee’s performance.


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