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November 27, 2015
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Training And Certification

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Solution to planning, tracking and ensuring employee skills & development needs. Being a highly competitive world, one of the most critical requirements is of highly skilled resources to increase productivity. Managing an ever-changing requirement of skill sets is a huge challenge across all organizations, and requires a robust solution to counter them. BARTSuite Training & Certification is a robust, reliable, and flexible solution that enables effective management of training processes by aligning training programs as per employee job profile, managing learning, evaluation processes. And you can track employee skills and learning curve with its self-driven learning mechanisms and certification programs.Being a highly competitive world, one of the most critical requirements is of highly skilled resources to increase productivity. Managing an ever-changing requirement of skill sets is a huge challenge across all organizations, and requires a robust solution to counter them.


Training and Certification is delivered on a flexible model – On private/public cloud, OnPremise or in a hybrid model spanning across OnPremise and cloud, enabling you to get the best without having to agonize about additional cost, infrastructure, installations and maintenance.

BARTSuite Training and Certification guarantees the following:


  • Scale up employee performance to new heights: Dramatically improving your business’ bottom line.
  • Tie learning to employee performance tracking, career development and succession planning.
  • Tightly integrating learning initiatives with key business goals: Increase revenue, customer satisfaction and overall results.


Training and Certification Workflow



The training module can be customized to suit your organizational needs with designer tools to manage workflows. Developed on Rapid Application Development platform, BARTSuite Training and Certification is a web based application that is configurable and is also delivered on the cloud.


Features and Benefits

Being an end-to-end solution that defines and manages your employee development and skills certification process, BARTSuite Training and Certification has the following comprehensive features.

  • Dynamic platform ensuring employee competency required to cope with ever changing business needs
  • Rules based platform to monitor and ensure employee competency levels as governed by regulations
  • Collaborative platform enabling business need and competency centric approach to ensuring right level of skills in an organization
  • Learning Content Management to manage training documents, and courseware
  • Training Infrastructure Management to manage infrastructure reservations for training sessions
  • Online certification process to generate internal certificate and upload external certificates
  • Reporting and Analytics to monitor progress and performance
  • Repeat training and certification process for defaulters and unqualified participants
  • Support for classroom and self-learning programs
  • Employee Skills Management for effective management of employee skills profile and qualifications
  • Rules based recommendation of training based on employee’s role and skills level
  • Integration with other HRIS systems such as leave management, appraisal/performance management
  • Dynamic creation of questionnaires and through question banks.

Streamline Training Programs

Training and Certification helps define, launch and access training easily and efficiently and is beneficial to both training administrator and employee. With just a few clicks away, you can have a higher productive work force by embracing new technologies.

Training and Certification system is equipped with broad range of search features and also has the capability to identify efficient trainers to conduct on-line, instructor led, virtual and other types of training programs.

Faster Analysis

BARTSuite Training and Certification provides powerful reporting and graphical analytical tools to get a quick review of performances. The Dashboard provides comprehensive graphical representations of analytical data.

The module also comes with predefined reports that can be downloaded in formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, and others. Rules and responsibility based access reports ensure integrity and confidentiality of critical information across the organization.

Reduce Resource Overhead

A complete automated process of creating and managing training programs, registration, performance analysis, feedback, and certificate generation reduces the overhead otherwise involved in manual and paper-based processes.

Measure Performance

Questionnaires serve as inbuilt performance measurement tools to assess employee performance and qualification. It also includes self-assessment and training mechanisms for employees.

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