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November 27, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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Travel Requisition

Ability to raise travel requests which includes domestic & international travels as well as accommodation. With support for configurable approval workflow and 3rd party vendor portal, solutions offers a comprehensive module to manage end-to-end travel planning, budgeting and spend management. Professional journeys form an essential part of the modern business domain. The consequent expenses of these professional trips also put forward the need for having a well maintained and strategically planned travel management system. Capable of managing both domestic and international travelling services, BARTSuite Travel Requisition helps the companies in controlling details of the day–to– day travelling expenses, travelling security and data management. It ensures quick and easy processing and retrieval of the employee’s travel requests. Now travel around the world and expand your business with controlled travelling expenses without a concern with this all new pioneering technology.



  • Accept and process travel request from employees
  • Process domestic and international travel requests.
  • Visa request approval process.
  • Send reservations to the requester
  • Electronic Approval Process

Domestic and International Travel Requests

The existence of modules that enable the processing of both Domestic and International Travel Requests add to the unique features thus enhancing the overall functioning of the application. Submitting the requests and getting it approved can be done in short and simple steps.

Well Organized Travel Programme

For most of the companies, managing the travelling activities proves to be a tiresome job. With these innovative applications, online travel request forms and electronic approvals can be reduced and also the paper based processes can be replaced. You can always keep track of approval status and details of your business trips.

Quick and Easy Visa Management

Now you can submit a visa request, schedule a screening interview or decide on the type of visa, instantly. The request is processed and taken through all the stages in acquiring a visa.

Managing Notifications

Sending e-mail notifications confirms that the information has been passed and derives the appropriate response form the receiver’s end. Travel requisition contains several such notifications that ensure a proper flow of data.

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