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System Administration

By : BARTSuite

AppPoint’s System Administration module is a primary module for system level access and control. It simplifies the work of a system administrator by automating system processes, from managing users to monitoring services. With this tool, you can configure your applications the way you want it to work for your business.It includes features for fast and easy management of common functions, data, and services. Advanced features are also available for higher levels of configuration. You can assign roles to users, set access rights and permissions to roles, and include responsibilities for each user.
Our suite of features includes:

Managing change is one of the most crucial aspect of any service engagement leading to scope creep, cost overrun, stakeholder  dissatisfaction, etc… BARTSuite change management offers customizable review/approval workflow to ensure control over all changes, Supports customized ‘Q’s to manage various tasks/activities/CRs Integration with time management to track , monitor and control planned and actual effort

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