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Adapt now to respond to ever changing market place, new customer needs and service requirements

Regulatory Compliance, Policies, Procedures, Completions, Acquisitions, and Mergers shape and redefine the Banking and Financial Services ecosystem,pushing enterprises to instantly adapt to the continuous change in Business Models, Processes, Practices and Market conditions. BizAPP Studio rapid appdevelopment environment provides ‘easy to configure’ financial solutions that can incorporate process changes with easy implementations and gives you all the agility and management control that is required to beat the competition.

With BizAPP Studio, you can leverage your existing infrastructure, legacy systems, disparate databases, and ‘as is’ internal processes to proactively respond to business and customer needs. Along all these capabilities, BizAPP gives you complete control of your application infrastructure for collaborative management.

BizAPP Studio based Solutions for Banking and Finance:


In organizations such as a stock exchange, several processes are governed by regulatory bodies such as FDA, SEBI, etc… Managing internal processes as per the guidelines ensuring transparency, auditability for continuous adherence and certification is crucial.

Leveraging AppPoint’s application infrastructure organizations can automate these processes improving reporting, workflow, security or policy enforcement, roles and responsibility based dashboard, analytics, etc… Leveraging AppPoint’s application infrastructure organizations can automate these processes improving reporting, workflow, security or policy enforcement, roles and responsibility based dashboard, analytics, etc…

AppPoint has developed a highly configurable compliancy management solution which offers a unified approach to manage all aspects of compliancy definition, monitoring and enforcement.

CMS has been adopted at one of the leading stock exchanges to manage the member compliancy process as regulated by SEBI. Read More…



AppPoint’s IPO XCHANGE, which is an end-to-end collaborative platform for IPO team comprising of issuing company, legal team, finance team, IPO Managers, Investment Banks, Receiving Banks, its Branches as well as INVESTORS to manage/participate in an IPO issue. Read More…

  • Paperless process management
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Multi language support
  • Document Management
  • Integration with back office system
  • Automated and rules based fund transfer
  • Over 50% direct saving in management cost per issue,
  • Increased transparency and visibility to interested parties
  • Automate processes to minimize manual intervention to increase accuracy,
  • Offer paperless processes,
  • Offer timely & accurate reporting,
  • Seamlessly integrating back office systems in receiving banks improving accuracy & speed with processing investor subscription,
  • Facilitate continuous change to adopt to varying market needs,
  • Improve compliancy to dynamic regulatory needs,
  • Optimally leverage state of the art technology


AppPoint’s configurable trade reconciliation and monitoring system for a stock exchange ensures consistency of information across all of the disconnected systems eliminating any inaccuracies, and respond to key deviations on a timely basis. This task of reconciliation and cleansing of information involves processing millions of records fetched from multiple sources in varying formats (text files, DB records, XML files, etc…). AppPoint reconciliation platform offers a web based solution. Read More…

Some of the unique features of the reconciliation platform include –

  • Rules and process driven data correlation, transformation & cleansing
  • Policy driven escalation ensuring timely and optimal handling of deviations,
  • Seamless data access through various sources – SFTP, Nasdaq OMX, RDBMS, etc…
  • Support for processing information in varying formats text files, XML files, database records, etc…
  • Complete real-time Online Audit Trail of reconciliation activity
  • Rules based alerts through email, SMS, on-screen alerts as well as fax
  • Reporting on reconciliation activities in user friendly manner


A leading bank adopts AppPoint’s application infrastructure to modernize its legacy loan application processing system improving accessibility, policy enforcement, workflows, and reporting as well as analytical capability. Read More…

Some of the challenges addressed were –

  • Availability/Deployment– Decentralized system requiring infrastructure and support in every branch.
  • Data Integrity– Manual synchronization of data between branches and RO is error prone. Further timely & real-time access to information is not possible across branches and RO, compromising on decision making and response time
  • Security model adopted is limiting and not extensible
  • Lack of workflow, reporting, MIS,
  • No integration with other peripheral system
  • Lack of self service capability & hence end-to-end automation
  • Legacy technology requiring extensive skills and understanding of codebase developed over a decade
  • Multiple application software versions in different branches makes it difficult for support
  • Frequent change in rate of interest make it difficult to update the application resulting in wrong calculations and wrong rate of interest used across
  • Adopting new changes is challenging due to enormous amount of legacy code


AppPoint’s treasury management solution enables financing organizations to manage and track flow of finance into and out of the system, management of assets and liabilities, as well as management of risks. TMS includes a proactive monitoring and analysis framework enabling timely action on key events. Read More…