Next generation development tools redefining the process of developing and integrating enterprise applications in the cloud

Today we are launching 2 new services on AppsOnAzure, CollabBridge is our integration platform delivered as a service (iPaaS) and CollabStudio is our development platform delivered as a service (dPaaS)

dPaaS or development platforms delivered as a service is a scenario where next generation development tools are offered as service in the cloud and accessed through a browser to build feature rich business applications without installing any tools on their computer and just by using a standard browser eliminating the need to invest on any hardware infrastructure.

Further, CollabStudio offers a model driven CDE (collaborative development environment), eliminating the need to invest on highly skilled resources.

Once developed, these applications can either be deployed on the cloud without further investment on specialized systems administration skills or OnPremise / in private cloud leveraging existing infrastructure.

AppsOnAzure not only enables development of new business applications, but with its built-in integration middleware(CollabBridge) enables development of mash up applications integrating applications already deployed OnPremise and Cloud.

Why AppsOnAzure?

Alternative to AppsOnAzure is to develop these applications using numerous tools spanning integration middleware such as TIBCO, CASTIRON, BOOMI, etc.. and numerous application middleware such as crystal reports for reporting, ilog or Microsoft BRMS for rules management, SHAREPOINT for portal, BIZTALK or WEBSPHERE process server for workflow, etc…

Further, these tools are stitched together using development tools like Eclipse or Microsoft Team Systems, etc.. by highlly skilled programmeres, architects, technology experts and domain experts. Once developed these are manually deployed on the cloud or on premise and managed by specialists.

Quite obviously, extensive investment on tools, skilled resources, long delivery cycles contributing to time cost and higher levels of risks

What Makes AppsOnAzure Different?

Integration and Development platforms delivered as a service need to offer functions which are beyond traditional development platforms such as –

Multi-tenant development tool: CollabStudio or AppsOnAzure dPaaS not only allows development of applications which are multi-tenancy enabled,  but the development environment itself supports a unique hierarchical multi-tenancy model (more on this here…)

Integrated change management and ALM framework: traditional development process is usually managed using a configuration and change management tools such as ClearCase, VSS, etc.. , but in AppsOnAzure, built-in roles and respopnsibility based development governance framework ensures optimal control over all changes being made on the business solution. Built-in review, simulation/test capability improves reliability on all changes made before it is deployed.

Integrated provisioning infrastructure, monitoring and metering: as is critical in all service oriented delivery mechanism, even with AppsOnAzure, elasticity to accommodating varying loads and ability to monitor and meter actual usage of the service is built-in. These information could be leveraged to manage billing based on usage, transactions, user based, etc.. that are unique to the SaaS world.

Seamless deployment optionsOne click seamless deployment support to runtime environment, which could be test, UAT, Production, which could either be on public cloud, private cloud or on traditional data centers.

Some customer experience – Early customer experience has resulted in development of several award winning business solutions, such as the “best IT implementation award” being won by a leading Pharma for a CFR 11 compliant solution developed & delivered in a matter of 8 weeks.

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