Enabling people-friendly central public information access system

Internet and Communication technology is bringing in information accessibility to people, ensuring that right information is made available at the right time to the public for their consumption and self-service. Information could be related to Commercial Revenue collections or helping public in a larger perspective.

The solutions ensure easy connectivity, accessibility to information, business transaction between public and government for increased public satisfaction and government revenue collections.

BizAPP Studio based OnCloud and OnPremise – Enterprise Application Solutions like Commercial Property License Issue Management and Missing Children Information Management Portal are some examples of Public Government Applications built on BizAPP – Business Process Modeler Platform/Tool. These applications provide scalability, flexibility and adaptability in terms of Process Orientation.

BizAPP Studio based Solutions for Government/NGO:


AppPoint’s Commercial Property License Management System – The solution is used to manage commercial property licensing processes. It automates the entire process of issuing a license to own and operate a commercial property.

The solution was modeled using Spanish version of the development environment, and was delivered in Spanish and English languages. It ensures compliance while reducing workload and risks involved. Integrating some of the best practices, the solution is a secure easy-to-use web-based application. Read More…


AppPoint Software’s Missing Children Information Management portal solution is a flexible web based, mobile-enabled interface which integrates all members in the field as well as all the service units to record, monitor and track information pertaining to missing children.

The solution is designed not only to ensure optimal and controlled access to information, but also to improve quality and reliability of information by using some of the new generation technology. For instance, the solution involves using biometrics based recognition infrastructure to uniquely identify and reliably track children across the nation. Read More…