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Enabling speed of product and service innvoations, improving connectivity and collaboration across enterprise and partners

Current Manufacturing Industries have to be Proactive, Adaptive, and at the same time cost effective. Customer expectations and cost of resources are increasing each day and so is the competition. The challenge is to stay profitable while not compromising on the quality of products and services at the best costs to customers.

BizAPP Studio based OnCloud and OnPremise- Enterprise Applications provides collaboration within Organization and across Enterprise ecosystem.
BizAPP Studio- Business Process Management Tool Based – CRM app provides a truly scalable Enterprise CRM enablingthe company to manage Customers and Partnersprofitably, meet customer expectations and beat competition.

BizAPP Studio based Solutions for Hi-TechManufacturing:


Business is all about winning customers and maintaining your relationship with them. BARTSuite CRM’s “Lead to Cash” system leverages existing solutions and offers an optimal solution to organize and synchronize business processes including sales activities, and provides better visibility for planning and analysis for sales representatives. Read more…


Quote Management solution not only automates the process of creation, generation, approvals, and dispatch of standardized quotations to the customers, but also offers a unified interface to manage inventory, distribution as well as integration with SAP SCM all through the planning and sales cycle.

You can easily configure the components, get approvals, and generate quotations for dispatch.Pre-configured quotations for rate contracts, automated multi-level approval process, rules driven discounting process, make it easy to configure the quotations. Versioning of quotations make it easy to pick old quotations and later edit them for regeneration.

Compliance checks at each level ensure that the discount rules and rates fall within the norms. The system ensures that no quotation can be generated without approvals from each level, including Technical and Financial approvals. Read more…


AppPoint’s RFQ(Request for Quotation) Management Application helps you to manage the entire process starting from receipt of RFQ from client to delivery of quotation toclosure of business. The entire process is integrated with the CRM process. RFQ Management application helps in collaborative management with the RFQ teaminvolved in working towards building up the proposal/quotation as per the given customer requirements in the RFQ document. Read more…


The solution automates the Return Material Authorization process and is used by globally distributed user community comprising of employees, partners and customers. Delivered on a SaaS model, RMA solution integrates multiple processes, managed using disconnected enterprise solutions some of which were deployed OnPremise while others were offered as a SaaS based solutions.

Application behavior and business logic are determined based on the roles and responsibilities. Rules based policy enforcement combined with workflow automation spanning solution boundaries to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. Read more…


Organize and collaborate creation of documents and other content for loading to the micro site. Create and maintain sections and contents. Also includes version control, archiving and approval flow. Read more…