Bring down the lead time in your.Go-To-Market processes, save costs

Insurance organizations need flexibility in their processes to improve their customer serviceability in terms of Claims Processing,at the same time adhering to the Organization Policies and Industry Compliancy. It is a constant challenge to cost-effectively manage the processes with the existing inflexible system infrastructure.

BizAPP Studio based OnCloud and OnPremise – Application Insurance Solutions for Compliancy Management, Claims Case Management, and Underwriting Management provides the flexibility to adapt to the process changes using the BizAPP – Business Process Modeler tool. Process enhancements; scalability to collaborate processes and business transactions with customers and partners instantaneously for introducing new Promotional Schemes, Products and Services – all these leading to business process efficiency in Claims Processing, Compliancy Management, and New Business Management; thus enabling Insurance organizations to improve on Process Efficiency and Market Responsiveness.

BizAPP Studio based Solutions for Insurance:


Property underwriting solution for insurance companies helps automate and streamline process reducing manual effort, significantly cutting down on the cost and error associated with it.
Solution developed on BizAPP platform leverages some of the most comprehensive capabilities such as –

  • Rules based policy enforcement,
  • Self service enabled collaborative portal ensuring seamless interaction between clients, field team and back-office operators,
  • Reporting infrastructure enabling auto-generation of proposals & policies,
  • Cloud and mobility enabled capabilities which ensure anytime, anywhere access to the solution,

With the new underwriting solution, time to process a new policy request would be reduced from weeks to days. Read More…


An online Auto Insurance Policy Generation created using our application infrastructure BizAPP Studio offers an easy-to-use interface which captures owner and vehicle details, and automatically generates best possible insurance quotes. Solution also offers a user friendly view to compare proposals across different coverage options as well as providers.

Using this solution, consumers can easily arrive at an estimate for their auto insurance with minimal effort and time. Read More…