AppPoint strongly believes in the principle of grooming expertise with-in & this starts off with its Internship program. With the internship program students gain valuable, practical, and on- the- job experience. Internships offer exciting assignments and projects in specific fields of study. Most internship are offered full time during the summer months. Some, programs are also available part time during the school year.

Positions are offered to students in wide ranging areas such as Software Development, Software Quality Engineering, Product Engineering and Marketing. These positions are primarily available in our Bangalore office. As an intern you will generally work full time (about 40 hours per week). However, opportunities may exist to work part time during the academic year.

As an intern, you will work on challenging projects that draw upon knowledge acquired from your academic training. For example, if you are a computer science student, you may be asked to work on testing or developing new modules working with our Product Engineering team.


  • Registration as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student during and following your internship assignment
  • A record of strong academic achievement—with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A commitment to the duration of the assignment, which is generally three months for a summer internship

Also, to qualify as an intern position, your project description must be directly related to your classroom studies—and approved by an AppPoint HR representative.


Your application and resume should be mailed to with the subject of ‘Internship Program’ ; applications for internships are accepted year-round. Your application and resume will be reviewed upon receipt. If there′s an appropriate match, you′ll be contacted by an AppPoint HR representative. Thank you for your interest.