KSCA (Karnataka State Cricket Association), lead by some of the cricketing legends has embarked on its journey to set a new direction to KSCA with initiatives as diverse as establishing state of the art training/sporting facilities to improving transparency in its day-to-day operations. At the core of the initiative was the need to have a state of the art highly scalable IT infrastructure which would govern and facilitate all of its activities.

Given that the existing IT infrastructure aligned with its historical legacy was neither sufficient to address current needs, nor was scalable to address the expansion plans of the organization, KSCA has charted out its most ambitious project to revamp its IT infrastructure. The new infrastructure leverages the latest of the technology and innovative approach to cope with time, cost and risks associated with such initiatives.

With Microsoft & AppPoint as the technology and implementation partners, KSCA is developing its IT capability at the core of which would be an information management system (KSCAIMS) modeled using the proven enterprise class business application platform AppsOnAzure from AppPoint.

Vision at KSCA is to be a world class sporting enterprise, focused on promoting the sport as well as identifying and grooming exceptional talent by offering best of the sporting infrastructure one can offer. KSCA recognizes the need to transform the way its functions are managed, embracing latest of the technology and approach to managing its functions as any other world class enterprise would.

KSCAIMS delivered on highly scalable cloud infrastructure Microsoft Azure would offer a unified platform across all functions of KSCA such as member management, selection process, event/tournament management, infrastructure management, communication, cricket statistics, managing tendering process to name a few. The solution is designed ground-up to improve collaboration with-in and with the outside world by leveraging capabilities such as mobility, social integration, self service portal, etc…

First phase of the implementation has already been completed and launched, which included a new website with an integrated CMS solution and several of the KSCAIMS modules. Second phase covering remaining modules would be completed by end of the year.

The new infrastructure would not only enable KSCA to streamline our processes better, but also improve accuracy, efficiency and transparency in how we manage our core processes. For instance, delivering up-to-date and real time player statistics to the selection committee, allowing them to slice and dice them or based on these information enforcing selection policies as governed by regulation would ensure optimal selection process.


About KSCA – Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is the governing body of Cricket in the Indian state of Karnataka. The association is affiliated to the Board of Control for Cricket in India and governs the cricketing activities in Karnataka and is being lead by some of the legendary cricketers.
About Windows Azure – Azure is industry leading cloud platform from Microsoft, it offers on-demand compute & storage infrastructure to develop and deliver highly scalable business applications. Microsoft SQL Azure is the first cloud-based relational and self-managed database service built on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 technologies.
About AppPoint – AppPoint is one of the few product companies in the word today specializing in delivering business application infrastructure and only one of its kinds on Azure (AppsOnAzure). AppPoint technology offers a unique and proven approach to develop and deliver cloud and mobility enabled enterprise class business applications reducing time, cost and risks associated with such initiatives A winner of Gartner 2012 cool vendor award in this category, The technology has been adopted by clients spread across diverse industry segments spanning healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, banking/insurance, government, hi-tech, ITES.

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