Our Perspective on the World of Business Application



Rapid technology evolution continuously redefines how business is conducted


Business are forced to embrace them, leading to technology driven innovation & differentiation


Business are forced to embrace them, leading to technology driven innovation & differentiation


Traditional approach to developing applications rely too much on highly skilled individuals, extensive coding & long drawn processes ill-suited for rapid development resulting in a cost probability & high risk option

Traditional Development Approach


Our Unique Approach – Business first

AppPoint’s MDA Enabled Model Driven Development Approach


Modeling all the way – Proven to deliver 300% more at less than 1/10th the cost

Platform Building Blocks

All you need to develop and deliver enterprise class cloud and mobile business applications leveraging an MDA platform -


Integration Middleware

Seamlessly Integrate existing legacy application to improve automation, reporting, operational efficiency, etc…


Composition Middleware

Develop new application integrating existing ones to address functional gaps and increase ROI on existing investment made


Application Middleware

Develop new application integrating existing ones to address functional gaps and increase ROI on existing investment made


Cloud Middleware

Infrastructure to develop cloud / SaaS enabled business application with high level of scalability, elasticity and performance.


Mobility Middleware

Enable existing legacy application for mobility or develop new multi-platform compatible mobile business application

Business Application Infrastructure

If You Can Visualize Your Application, Our Platform Enables You To Build, Deploy And Manage It

Proven approach to build business application with over 300% more capability at 1/10th the cost and time as compared to any other known approach.


Application Best Built Using the Platform

Eliminating technology and skills barriers addressing complex needs

Process intensive applications with highly configurable role based workflows such as clinical trials management, case management, etc..
Integration centric applications, involving multiple applications and functions such as lead-to-cash workflows,
Document centric applications such as audit and compliancy processing
Reporting and analytical applications such as treasury management,
Applications requiring extensive collaboration among users with capabilities such as mobility – such as corporate portals, knowledge management systems, etc.
Applications requiring high level of scalability – such as customer self service portal, loan application processing,
Rules and policy centric applications requiring continuous refinement such as those governed by regulatory bodies such as exchange compliancy management

See What We Have Been Doing ....

Enabling transformation at the speed of thought

A leading multi-national client adopts AppPoint’s technology to accelerate its IT modernization and transformation imitative

A global manufacturer standardizes on AppPoint’s application platform to develop and delivery its mission critical LOB apps

An US FDA CFR-11 compliant application developed and launched in a matter of 6 months

A leading pharmaceuticals firm launches over 15 new business applications in matter of 24 months

Over 100 enterprise class business applications developed and launched in matter of 2 years across diverse industry segments and domain

LMExcellence / LMExchange – an open mobility enabled cloud platform with enterprise class capabilities developed and launched in matter of 6 months

All developed, delivered and managed by business users and non-programmers delivering over 300% value at less than 1/10th the cost associated with alternative approach

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I believe we have built a technology which transforms the way business applications are built and delivered. Collaboration and co-creation has been at the core of our efforts. We understand every business is unique and so are the challenges, would love to engage with you to see how we can help.
Venki Muthanna
Founder, CEO

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