A domain agnostic application infrastructure accelerating development and delivery of enterprise class business applications

Backed by a unique approach reducing time, cost & risk associated with developing comprehensive business management solutions, BizAPP improves agility with which dynamic business needs can be addressed.


Integration & Migration of legacy

Improve visibility to information, automation, reporting & analytics by integrating existing tools & consolidate existing investment by migrating legacy tools to leverage latest technology and business models.


Develop composite applications

Leveraging investment already made on tools by leveraging their capability to compose new solutions addressing any gaps or facilitating change.


Develop New

Model driven approach to existing LOB application and infrastructure to develop composite applications.

Application Framework Enabling Enterprise Class Capabilities Allowing Business Users to Model Their Needs All The Way

Security Model – an extendable security framework enabling SSO while enhancing control over who can access what information, what they can do with it, etc.
Enterprise information model – define business critical information spanning across functions and tools in a business user friendly manner
Process Models graphically define how your mission critical processes are managed, automating where possible to improve business outcome
Rules models enabling enforcement ofpolicies and ensuring consistency in the way business is managed
Reporting model, define role based reporting and analytics capability empowering business users with key information at all times enhancing decision making
Portal Framework a multi-channel framework for people to interface with system spanning across desktop, web and mobile.

Virtualization Framework Enabling Point And Click Approach to Integrate and Modernize

5 easy model driven steps to integrate existing systems and develop new composite applications as well as highly scalable cloud services


Empowering Enterprises With a Unique
Business Platform

Enabling internal teams with a unique end-to-end IT capability to build, deploy and manage custom next generation enterprise class business applications
Accelerate IT modernization initiatives through adoption of latest technology & business models, such as cloud, mobility, etc.
Adoption of a unique integration and composition capability to optimally extend or modernize existing tools/processes, increasing ROI on exiting investment made on legacy tools
Model new processes & ideas as you can visualize it and transform those it operational applications