Process reengineering services

Process analysis, design and engineering are key factors determining successful transformation of process management capability. While primarily aimed at improving people and process efficiency, one of the key outcomes desired from any such process engineering activity is to improve alignment in the way existing business functions are managed while addressing evolving business need

AppPoint’s process engineering service combines the inherent benefits offered by the platform with the extensive experience the consulting team has with implementation comprehensive and complex business solutions


Process reengineering services

Enabling agile transformation in the way business is managed

  • Establish business vision
  • Studying existing processes and tools to identify gaps and inefficiency,
  • Mapping process as well as IT landscape and mapping to the desired ones,
  • Change impact analysis and establishing change management as well as enablement process,
  • Establish function as well as process blueprint & perform ROI analysis,
  • Arriving at architectural models & implement the business processes covering governance, organizational security as well as flow of information.
  • Monitor implemented changes & identify improvements

IT Modernization / Legacy Migration & Custom Business Application Development

Developing enterprise class business application has never been easy, always associated with high level of risks, time and cost. Adding to this are numerous challenges being faced by organizations driven by their need to embrace some of the disruptive technologies & business models such as cloud, mobility, etc.

AppPoint’s application development service address specific needs that off the shelf software can’t. As compared to traditional development services, our approach is backed by a proven technology platform enabling customers with capabilities their growing business needs in a time & cost sensitive manner


Accelerating IT Transformation For A Global Pharmaceutical Firm

On an average launches one application every 3 months leading to over a dozen enterprise class business applications

  • Artwork Management
  • Item Master Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Clinical Trial Solutions
  • Polls and Survey
    • Tender Management.
    • Electronic Batch Manufacturing Records
    • Scientific Support for Doctors
    • Rx Tracker
    • Spend Management

Industry Agnostic Platform

Addressing complex business needs with ease and agility

Enablement service

We understand the complexities associated with adopting any new technology, while our technology itself addresses certain challenges, you still need to learn and adapt to the approach enabled by it, though with a much shorter learning curve as short as months as compared to decades one would spend otherwise.

AppPoint engages with its customers in varying modes depending on the readiness of the customer as well as the maturity cycle in the engagement, ranging from training customer teams with its tools/technology to co-creating niche solutions.