Create enterprise business applications at the speed of thought with AppPoint's no-code/low-code approach  

Domain agnostic adoption accelerating transformation and digitization in the way business is managed 

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Transformation at its best, visual programming making it a reality

Develop and launch your next multi-cloud and mobile enabled business solution in days and weeks with a level of agility and capability never seen before 

With AppPoint, it is just a matter of visually representing all aspects of your application ranging from - Integration, Security, Information, Workflows / Business processes, Policies / Business rules, Analytics as well as, Multi-browser / Multi device compliant Web/Mobile interfaces, stitching them with an easy to use model driven IDE.

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AppPoint 2020


Beyond ensuring consistency in the way processes are managed while eliminating human errors process automation is all about improving productivity. Not stopping at enabling our customers to model solutions which streamline processes enforcing policies and governance, AppPoint 2020 includes capabilities which are geared towards automation of high volume repetitive activities and managed using solutions built with its platform and beyond.


While AppPoint has greatly simplified and accelerated how comprehensive enterprise class business applications can be built, in the upcoming release AppPoint would be releasing capabilities which would address business process testing needs beyond simulation during modeling time.


While visual programming or NO-CODE approach makes it easier to build rich enterprise class business applications, the challenge associated with deploying, monitoring & maintaining the application was still a challenge to IT teams, but not anymore…

Complementing the NO-CODE approach is the integrated devops capabilities with the upcoming release of AppPoint which further eliminates some of the barriers faced by businesses in the complex world of hybrid cloud/On-Premise deployment and user community spanning multiple channels across web/desktop and mobile.


Brings out industries first distributed modelling capability for business application with an integrated CI/CD process empowering globally distributed teams to seamlessly collaborate to develop cloud and mobile business applications


With every growing compliancy/regulatory AppPoint releases its support for hybrid deployment models with enhanced security infrastructure

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Visual programming is here, join the movement.

Built in close collaboration with some of the leading business houses, AppPoint’s R&D is unique in its inclusive approach to innovate addressing real world problems working with real people who face those.