Empowering organizations to establish their next generation business management infrastructure

" We understand technology is at the root of most business transformation, but what we needed was a disruptive technology driven by business first approach to transforming our business management capability. After a comprehensive & elaborate process, we chose a technology platform which addressed a broad spectrum of our needs and had the potential to accelerate some of our innovations. The platform so chosen was the business application infrastructure suite from apppoint. "
Mr. M G Raghuraman | Senior VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Launching enterprise mobility platform

    Organizations now have a single unified platform to design, develop and delivery cloud and mobility enabled application OnPremise, On Cloud as well as accr

  • Launching iPaaS and dPaaS services

    Next generation development tools redefining the process of developing and integrating enterprise applications in the cloud

  • Multitier multitenancy model with AppsOnAzure (dPaaS)

    Multitenancy support in any software delivered as a service is not a new concept, but multitenancy with development platform delivered as a service differs

  • Moving from NoSQL to NewSQL

    New wave of NoSQL based solutions

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  • Cloud computing as a utility

    Cloud computing has been around for a while, but the adoption has increased in the recent past than ever before. The big companies always had the advantage

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  • Azure as cloud platform

    AppsOnAzure uses azure as the cloud platform to enable users to develop and deliver cloud applications on a enterprise scale, without having to worry about

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  • Hybrid computing is the way forward

    Public and private clouds are buzzwords that every IT organizations could no

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