As new cloud platforms emerge and target different audience, the factors such as ease of use, deployment, load balancing and auto scaling are the ones that take centre stage in determining the viability of a cloud platform.

The new Elastic Beanstalk is a fascinating introduction from Amazon trying to establish its foothold in the PaaS play, while Microsoft had gotten story right from the beginning. On contrary, Amazon has been trying to catch up with what Microsoft’s Azure has accomplished for PaaS and Microsoft is fast closing in on IaaS( Infrastructure as a Service). As these lines blur, we would have little differences between them to choose from, as both will be trying to compete for their share of pie in these areas.

While i am no adept at using Amazon services, having used Microsoft Azure in our efforts to bring AppsOnAzure out to the public, i found Azure as a platform and its support to .NET developers have played an integral part in developing and deploying enterprise scale applications and other platforms. The very nature that it masks the hardware and lets the users focus on solving application architecture and other issues, the scaling and load balancing becomes one of the easier problems to solve as it gets factored early in the cycle.

AppsOnAzure uses azure as the cloud platform to enable users to develop and deliver cloud applications on a enterprise scale, without having to worry about the application architecture, integration between disparate sources and etc. It provides a modeling based approach to building applications on the cloud, it is simple to use and easy to customize, users can tailor it to their business processes rather than focusing on the software required to make the application meet the needs

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