As the web expanded and paved way for new social networking sites and multi player online games, the need for more transactions and throughput increased rapidly forcing new solutions to emerge.The traditional RDBMS based solutions could not match up to the demands of new web platforms and failed miserably when confronted with the challenges.

Software Industry witnessed a new wave of NoSQL based solutions in the market that offered the users to instantly scale with its simple data storage and retrieval mechanisms.Though NoSQL is a light weight based solution that lets you scale and accommodate increase in throughput, but comes at a cost of pushing implementation of ACID characteristics to the application level. The applications had to focus on architectural changes to accommodate new way of storing and retrieving data thus making the solution more error prone or marking the transition of legacy solutions difficult.

The need and market for OLTP based systems still exist and renewed vigor for real time analytics without compromising on the scale and shared nothing factor posed new challenges and opened up markets for NewSQL solutions that can work on the cloud and still provide ACID characteristics and traditional Ansi SQL queries. This immediately increased the options for existing solutions to scale with minimal changes in their application architecture and meet the scale and demands of new web based solutions. While there are a handful of players in the NewSQL market like SQL Azure, NuoDb, VoltDb and etc, the application and market dynamics would determine who could become the leading player in this segment.

AppsOnAzure as a platform recognized the potential that the cloud databases have to offer and adopted SQL Azure as its underlying cloud database and thus transparently enables customers to develop solutions and deploy it leveraging the infrastructure and other scalability options.

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